Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Cushion Covers

They are everywhere in my house! No, I haven't developed a fetish but I am going to have a stall at a summer fair next month and have turned my hand to my sewing machine. I have been sewing away like crazy so thought today I would share a few of my creations...

If you are interesting in checking out any of my other covers (or if you want any), check out my Facebook page, A Little Bit Dotty.


  1. Love the sewing projects. Have a few quilt throws I am itching to get going. (Oh, I tried infusing cooking oil with lavender flower buds, letting it sit for two days. Then popped the oil into the food processor. Strained out the lavender buds, and used the oil. Also used one vanilla bean. Any suggestions?)

  2. Have you tried soaking the lavender in milk? I haven't got round to making any lavendar cupcakes yet (I am struggling to get hold of any lavendar-I might just cut some off the next plant I see :) but the recipes I looked into suggested doing that. I am going to try to make some this weekend, I will let you know the results :)